March 31, 2008

Monday Headlines: Failing Drainpipes Cause Sinkholes in Tuscaloosa

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The Tuscaloosa, Alabama Department of Transportation closed a street last week because of two sinkholes caused by failing drainpipes. The two sinkholes have city  officials concerned about the area’s aging infrastructure in one of Tuscaloosa’s wealthiest neighborhoods. (picture courtesy of Tuscaloosa News)

Mayors and city managers from small cities in northwest Ohio tell Senator Sherrod Brown about the high price of complying with the EPA’s standards for clean water

Blocked sewer lines cause sewage spills into two eastern Iowa creeks 

Major waterline repair and replacement projectsin the central business district of Asheville, North Carolina will start this week, which likely will cause traffic delays but no water service interruption

In Decatur, Illinois, the City Manager proposed a 25 percent water rate hike, effective in May to cover rising costs, pay for improvements of aging infrastructure and fund the dredging of Lake Decatur, among other projects


March 28, 2008

Friday Headlines: Repairs to Downtown Cleveland Water Main Delayed

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Yet another problem resulting from the big downtown water main break in Cleveland on March 6, a clogged wastewater sewer leading to the East Interceptor has delayed repairs. (picture courtesy of WKYC)

Colorado Springs needs $65 million in upgrades to its water system over the next decade.

Senator Sherrod Brown will be in Perrysburg, Ohio today to detail Ohio’s decaying infrastructure–including water and sewer infrastructure.

A fight is brewing in Austin, Texas over construction of a new water treatment plant

Portland, Oregon’s already high water and sewer bills may rise much more, after the city lost an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals

March 27, 2008

Thursday Headlines: EPA to Set Timeline for DC Sewage Plant

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The EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board has ruled that the EPA must establish a timeline for Washington, DC’s Blue Plains sewage plant to reduce it’s output of nitrogen into the Potomac River.

Morristown, New Jersey is considering a plan to run its sewer plant with solar power

In Califormia, the city of Santa Margarita could receive up to $3 million in federal funds for water infrastructure improvements from the U. S. Department of Agriculture

Saratoga Springs, New York examines whether fixing the city’s aging water infrastructure is a better use of fees collected from new water customers than developing an alternate drinking water source

Sewage leakage along the Little Tennessee River in Franklin. North Carolina will likely continue with each rainfall of more than two inches until reparis to the pump station are completed.

March 26, 2008

Wednesday Headlines: Honolulu Continues with Repairs

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A 30-month, $17 million sewer project will affect hundreds of homeowners in a Honolulu community. The city is in the midst of about 50 projects to repair sewer lines. The cost of that and other ongoing projects to address the sewage system comes to more than $560 million.


In Salisbury, Maryland, portions of the Wicomico River are closedas health officials continue testing bacteria levels following a recent wastewater treatment plant spill.

LeClaire, Iowa has begun exploring ways to meet the city’s wastewater treatment plant needs.

The Wichita Water and Sewer Department is proposing at least a 10 percent increase to water and sewer bills over several years to pay off debts created by water projects aimed at ensuring the city’s water supply.

A group of Lorena , Texas residents is against a proposed wastewater treatment plant that is planned to be built near their property.

March 25, 2008

Tuesday Headlines: Louisiana City Needs $15 mil for Water Systems

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Alexandria, Louisiana officials say $15 million is needed immediately to fix 100-year-old water and wastewater systems. (photo courtesy of The Town Talk) In fact, some of those clay vitrified pipes installed 113 years ago are still in service.  Here’s the money quote from the article:

The city of New London, Connecticut has signed a $59-million, 10-year contract agreement with Veolia Water for the operation and management of its water and wastewater systems.

The problem isn’t unique to Alexandria. Many cities and towns throughout the United States are dealing with similar problems and debating whether to invest the resources and time.



A drop in the cost of grinder pumps is expected to keep a public sewer project in Letterkenny Township, Pennsylvania within budget constraints

Bonne Terre, Missouri has received a $500,000 state grant for improvements to their wastewater treatment system. The city is beginning a $2.7 million project in state-mandated sewer and stormwater improvements.

For the second time in less than a week, a busy Peoria, Illinois road is being shut down because the street collapsed from a water main break. This comes after last week where a road in Peoria  caved-in from a faulty sewer pipe.

March 24, 2008

Monday Headlines: Problems for a Florida County

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Raw sewage has spilled, leaked and emitted foul odors from at least a quarter of Lee County, Florida’s wastewater plants over the past five years. Lee has the dubious distinction of ranking 64th out of 67 counties in the state when it comes to wastewater plant violations. (Picture courtesy of The News-Press)


A clogged pipe at a North Bend, Washington sewage treatment plant cause raw sewage to creep into the Youth Activity Center on Saturday morning, contaminating rooms used by local boy and girl scouts

In Chicopee, Massachusetts, with $300,000 in upgradesset to start at a wastewater treatment plant, city officials said several more repairs are being considered as part of a five-year plan

A $100,000 state grant is helping Warrington, Pennsylvania plan for storm water management projects along the Little Neshaminy Creek watershed that could start by the spring

After being notified last year by the state of New York that it could be forced to pay as much as $66 million for repairs, Oneida county authorized up to $5 million for studies to determine the true scope of the problem and possible ways to fix it

March 21, 2008

Friday Headlines: Downtown Cleveland Water Line Repair

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On March 6, a 30-inch water line ruptured in downtown Cleveland, Ohio causing the roadway to collapse. Now it appears that repairs will not be completed and the intersection reopen for traffic until sometime between April 7 and April 14. (photo courtesy of AP)


The EPA is cleaning up water contamination at a site in Elkhart, Indiana

Rising costs are blamed for a proposed hike in Binghamton, New York’s water rates

In Gainesville, Florida, a blockage in a sewer line leads to a wastewater overflow estimated at about 24,000 gallons

Richmond, Virginia residents would pay more for water and sewer service under Mayor Douglas Wilder’s budget proposal

March 20, 2008

Thursday Headlines: Sinkhole Costs State DOT $1 Million

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The Colorado Department of Transportation spent more than $1 million to repair Interstate 25 last month after a main owned by Denver Water burst and opened a 16-foot sinkhole. (photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain News)


The city of Burkburnett, Texas is working hard to clean up a sewage spill that began Sunday

Some suburban Philadelphia residents are getting help from the state government to pay for public sewer in their township, but the money will only make a dent in their bills, which could still reach $17,000 each

Springfield, Georgia has been awarded a $5.4 million Georgia Fund loan from the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority for sewer system infrastructure improvement

In North Carolina, the wastewater treatment plant at the Laurinburg-Maxton Airport has failed four state water-toxicity tests in the last four months

March 19, 2008

Wednesday Headlines: Sewer Line Rupture in Kansas

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A sewer line rupture in Topeka, Kansas causes a health hazard (pictured right, courtesy of The Topeka-Capital-Journal)

Residents in Grass Valley, Nevada are urged to stay out of two creeks after 500 gallons of raw sewage flowed into the waterways

For communities in Pennsylvania with limited cash flow and a desire not to raise user fees; borough and other small, rural, municipalities are plugging leaks they hope will keep aging water systems from failing

In Newburyport, Massachusetts residents would see their sewer bills rise an average of $125 per year if officials go through with a plan to fix the aging sewage treatment plant

March 18, 2008

Tuesday Headlines: Impact of AP Study Continues

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“We read the AP story and made a determination that we should test our water and be transparent, just let the people know what we find. I’m confident we have safe and clean drinking water,” said Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. Also, pharmaceutical industry officials said they will launch a new initiative with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service focused on telling Americans how to safely dispose of unused medicines.


In Gainesville, Georgia, the City Council voted unanimously to award two construction contracts for improvements on the sewage pump station and a force main

A suburban Buffalo community needs $614,000 for improvements to a wastewater treatment plant

Naples, Florida has moved forward with a $20 million plan to both reduce chloride levels in water and help meet an expected doubling of the city’s peak water demand in the next 20 years

Water and sewer users in Saratoga Spirngs, New York would pay on average $39 more a year for the city services under tax rate increases proposed by the City Council

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