March 11, 2008

Tuesday Headlines: Local Water Commissions in VA May Lose Authority

Posted in California, Mississippi, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin at 10:15 pm by bengann

A recent Virginia Supreme Court decision could wipe out the actions of dozens of local boards that raise money each year to fund water and sewer projects. In its decision the Court ruled that the imposition of tax and fees must be done by elected bodies. The fallout from this decision could be far-reaching if it is determined the ruling also applies to all unelected boards at the county and municipal level throughout Virginia–including those that charge for water and sewer services. Stay tuned.


A Dallas Morning News editorial suggests the state legislature needs to come up with a proposal to finance water projects

The Pontotoc Union Lee Alliance in Mississippi will receive $2 million in federal funds to improve water infrastructure necessary to sustain the Blue Springs Toyota plant and its 2,000 expected jobs

For a city near San Diego, the debate is over how to get rid of its excess wastewater

What a mess. In the Plymouth, Wisconsin, 36,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled into a wetland after an underground pipe collapsed.


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