March 18, 2008

Tuesday Headlines: Impact of AP Study Continues

Posted in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New York at 12:20 pm by bengann

“We read the AP story and made a determination that we should test our water and be transparent, just let the people know what we find. I’m confident we have safe and clean drinking water,” said Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. Also, pharmaceutical industry officials said they will launch a new initiative with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service focused on telling Americans how to safely dispose of unused medicines.


In Gainesville, Georgia, the City Council voted unanimously to award two construction contracts for improvements on the sewage pump station and a force main

A suburban Buffalo community needs $614,000 for improvements to a wastewater treatment plant

Naples, Florida has moved forward with a $20 million plan to both reduce chloride levels in water and help meet an expected doubling of the city’s peak water demand in the next 20 years

Water and sewer users in Saratoga Spirngs, New York would pay on average $39 more a year for the city services under tax rate increases proposed by the City Council


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