March 26, 2008

Wednesday Headlines: Honolulu Continues with Repairs

Posted in Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland at 10:58 am by bengann

A 30-month, $17 million sewer project will affect hundreds of homeowners in a Honolulu community. The city is in the midst of about 50 projects to repair sewer lines. The cost of that and other ongoing projects to address the sewage system comes to more than $560 million.


In Salisbury, Maryland, portions of the Wicomico River are closedas health officials continue testing bacteria levels following a recent wastewater treatment plant spill.

LeClaire, Iowa has begun exploring ways to meet the city’s wastewater treatment plant needs.

The Wichita Water and Sewer Department is proposing at least a 10 percent increase to water and sewer bills over several years to pay off debts created by water projects aimed at ensuring the city’s water supply.

A group of Lorena , Texas residents is against a proposed wastewater treatment plant that is planned to be built near their property.


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