April 17, 2008

Thursday Headlines: SRF Pays for Water Projects in Montana

Posted in Alabama, Arizona, California, Montana, New Mexico at 5:32 pm by bengann

Loans of $958,160 from the Montana State Revolving Fund have been approved for new water and sewer lines, helping finance another phase of a major public health improvement effort on the southern fringe of Great Falls.

In Alabama, the Jefferson County Commission may have to ask Governor Bob Riley to call a special session of the Legislature to help the county complete a plan for paying its sewer debt.

Sutter County, California and its two citieshave reasons for looking into combining wastewater treatment efforts.

Water Infrastructure Finance Authority has approved a low-interest $8.5 million loan to Flagstaff, Arizona to drill and equip four new wells to help meet the drinking water needs of the city’s nearly 60,000 residents.

The Moriarty, New Mexico City Council heard several options for a loan-grant program to build, repair and improve public water and waste collection and treatment systems through the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development program.


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