April 30, 2008

Wednesday Headlines: Sewer Project Set to Begin in SW Va.

Posted in Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia at 1:17 pm by bengann

A long-planned sewer project for the Baptist Valley section of Tazewell County, Virginia could soon be under construction. The $11.7 million project will provide sewage treatment services to an estimated 490 families in the community.

In Pittsburgh, a water main break flooded a car wash and closed part of road Wednesday morning.

Workers for the city of Jackson, Michigan will test the sanitary sewer systems. A nontoxic smoke will be pumped into the system to test for leaks where stormwater enters the sanitary sewer system.

Clarksville, Tennessee’s Gas and Water Department is on track to finish initial sewer improvements before a moratorium on new construction there runs out.

A new sewer main is going to be installed along a 2,000-foot section of Washington Street in Riverton, Illinois.

The Buffalo, Missouri Board of Aldermen have cut 11 items worth $227,911 out of the wastewater plant expansion to help pay for resolving another sewer problem.

Sewer Rate News
Benton, Illinois
Charlotte, North Carolina
Springfield Township, Pennsylvania


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