May 9, 2008

Friday Headlines: Spotlight on Health Risks from Decaying Infrastructure

Posted in Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia at 11:58 am by bengann

About the USA Today story I mentioned yesterday. It’s a story about the deteriorating state of America’s sewer systems–something NUCA and the Clean Water Council have said repeatedly. The story focuses on the hundreds of municipal sewer authorities that have been fined for EPA violations.

While mandates for modernizing wastewater systems have increased the money to finance those repairs has not. This begs the question of where the money will come from. Without increased federal funding the only source for new funds will continue to be from an increase in local sewer rates.

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a water main break in front of the home Donald and Pat Reed has caused large cracks along interior and exterior walls of the house. To make matters worse both the city and the couple’s insurance company are refusing to pay for the repairs.

A water main break in Pearl City, Hawaii created a large sinkhole on Thursday morning.

Repeated sewage overflows and other violations of the federal Clean Water Act earned local sewer system authorities and governments across Tennessee $3.4 million in fines since 2003.

A man will spend the next month in jail after he was caught selling the latest hot commodity for Northern Kentucky thieves – storm-sewer grates.

Sewer Rate News
Round Rock, Texas 
Salem, Massachusetts
Woodstock, Virginia


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