May 14, 2008

Wednesday Headlines: Va. Gov. Announces Grant for Roanoke

Posted in California, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia at 12:09 pm by bengann

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine has announced the award of a grant Tuesday to connect 29 properties in Roanoke to an 8-inch sewer line. The Southern Rivers Watershed Enhancement Program will pay for $202,060 of the $229,060 project, with the remaining $27,000 to be paid by the city.

A water main break in Chevy Chase, Maryland last week left residents without water for a day and surged a crater the size of a school bus through the road.

A water main break in Kimball Township, Michigan is leaving 600 people without water and causing two schools to close.

In Marin County, California, officials expect to get the results of water tests today or tomorrow after 64,000 gallons of partially treated sewage spilled in the bay off Tiburon. The spill occurred Monday night and Tuesday morning.

In an effort to find ways to pay for massive sewer improvements without rate increases, Fort Wayne, Indiana Mayor Tom Henry has announced the creation of a community task force.

Sewer Rate News
Charleston, West Virginia
Farmington, Maine
Hagerstown, Maryland
Lafayette, Tennessee


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