June 18, 2008

Wednesday Headlines: Water Main Break Floods Park Near Eastman Kodak

Posted in Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio at 3:51 pm by bengann

A water main break in the parking lot of Kodak Park in Rochester, New York, flooded part of Mt. Read Boulevard near Eastman Kodak Headquarters. (picture courtesy of WHEC-TV)

Yet another water main break in Charlotte may disrupt the rush-hour commute. Water is bubbling up through the asphalt in the middle of the southbound lanes, and the water is undermining the roadbed, as the pavement is buckling, according to a witness on the scene.

In Miami, a woman driving eastbound toward Key Biscayne on the Causeway was the stranded when her Toyota Corolla got stuck in a sinkhole. A 12-inch water main pipe gave way, flooding the hole, and creating the hazard. 

An appropriation of $800,000 is making its way through a House committee with the funding to be applied to the cost of the new $15.5 million water treatment plant under construction in Middletown, New York.

Sewer Rate News
Ashland, Ohio
Hudson, Michigan
Natick, Massachusetts


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