June 26, 2008

Thursday Headlines: Ft. Wayne Spends Money to Control “Floatables”

Posted in California, Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, Washington at 11:45 am by bengann

The city of Fort Wayne, Indiana, plans to spend roughly $6 million over the next 17 years to try to keep “floatables” out of the rivers. In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits, the plan will limit the amount of human waste that reaches the rivers.

A sinkhole swallowed much of city block in Yarmouth, Maine on Wednesday afternoon. Authorities said a collapsed sewer pipe was to blame.

In Bellingham, Washington, about 1.2 million gallons of drinking water escaped from a ruptured 82 year-old water main and spilled into Padden Creek.

Residents and businesses in downtown Waterbury, Connecticut are still dealing with problems following a water main break late Wednesday afternoon.

A restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is closed for extensive repairs after a grease clog caused a sewer system failure.

Sewer Rate News
Camanche, Iowa
Colfax, California
Midland, Michigan
Quincy, Massachusetts

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