July 3, 2008

Thursday Headlines: Philadelphia Water Rate May Go up 30%

Posted in Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia at 11:36 am by bengann

If the city of Philadelphia gets its way, water and sewer rates will increase by 30% over the next three years. A series of hearings will be held on the rate increase, however Philadelphia Water Commissioner Bernard Brunwasser will make the final decision.

A large water main break has left some San Antonio residents wading through water. According to news reports, water ran all the way up the street and actually formed a mini-lake. (picture courtesy of WOAI-TV)

Rainfall from a strong series of thunderstorms passed through the Willamette Valley this morning causing Portland, Oregon’s sewers to overflow. The public is being advised to stay away from recreational activity in the Willamette River for at least the next two days.

Construction has just been completed on a new $3.1 million wastewater treatment plant in Funkstown, Maryland.

In the Massachusetts State Senate, a wastewater management bill passed unanimously on Monday, which would provide financial assistance for wastewater planning to communities that have achieved specific state water quality and management standards.

Sewer Rate News
Belmond, Iowa
Elkton, Virginia
Melrose, Massachusetts
Tualatin, Oregon

That’s it until Monday. Enjoy the holiday weekend.


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