July 11, 2008

Friday Headlines: Water Main Breaks Continue in Vallejo, Calif.

Posted in California, Idaho, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin at 11:37 am by bengann

For the second time this week, a ruptured water main left some residents and businesses in Vallejo, California without water. A 16-foot section of cast iron pipe split open, spewing thousands of gallons of water and rupturing the street surface above the pipe. City officials place the cost to repair the pipeline and the street from Thursday’s break at $100,000.

More from California, yesterday in Simi Valley a buildup of grease, sticks and paper caused a blockage in a sewer line, causing sewage to overflow from a manhole. Between 250 and 500 gallons of sewage discharged into the street, a storm drain and then into Arroyo Simi.

As the residents of Ammon, Idaho try to deal with water infrastructure problems in newer neighborhoods, some of the older neighborhoods are also requiring the city’s attention.

In Ohio, a sinkhole is causing numerous problems in a Toledo community. As the sinkhole continues to increase in size, so does the smell of sewage.

A sinkhole in Omaha nearly swallowed a car Thursday afternoon. A representative from the Metropolitan Utilities District said a water main break caused the sinkhole.

Sewer Rate News
Cranberry, Pennsylvania
Lake Placid, New York
Shawano County, Wisconsin


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