July 15, 2008

Tuesday Headlines: Five Years in, New Paltz Continues Sewer Repairs

Posted in California, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Virginia at 11:14 am by bengann

Five years after New York state authorities demanded action to address sewer overflows, repairs to the Village of New Paltz sewer system are continuing. The following quote from the story is reflective of the situation throughout the country.

New Paltz is symbolic of a larger national problem. Overflows are common among the nation’s aging sewer systems, and federal and state authorities have begun stepping up enforcement.

New Paltz’s problems have been caused by too much water flowing through too small a system.

Officials in Henderson, Kentucky are planning a $9 million sewer project that will separate the sewer system from the storm system. The city’s combined sewer system during periods of heavy rain have caused sewage to overflow into the Ohio River.

In Long Beach, California, a 300-gallon raw sewage spill Sunday night forced the closure of beaches at Alamitos Bay and Colorado Lagoon. This marks the third sewage spill this year that has resulted in a beach closure for Long Beach.

A major water main break in Bladensburg, Maryland overnight is expected to snarl traffic in the area today. Officials said the break was likely due to the water main being old. The pipe had been installed in 1925.

A bond measure request to pay for a new water treatment plant for the City of Newport, Virginia will be voted on by residents in the November general election. Four core projects at a cost of $15.9 million were identified as top priorities in order for the city to continue providing safe drinking water to its residents.

Sewer Rate News
Cambria, California
Covina, California
North Andover, Massachusetts
Ventura, California


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