July 30, 2008

Wednesday Headlines: Huntington Riverfront Becomes Excavation Site

Posted in Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia at 10:25 am by bengann

In Huntington, West Virginia, two collapsed sewer lines have turned a large portion of Harris Riverfront Park into an excavation site.  A 42-inch-wide brick sewer line was replaced with a 48-inch wide concrete pipe. The brick line was about 100 years old. Crews now are repairing a 12-inch, cast-iron line that is more than 50 years old.

The last of 13 projects is under way in Florence, Alabama to upgrade the city’s sewer system. The last project for Florence will complete its sanitary sewer overflow correction program that began in 2005 and cost approximately $11.5 million.

State Route 71 was closed in Berlin, Connecticut early Wednesday morning because of a water main break. Police believe the break was caused by an old pipe.

About 50 Palm Beach, Florida households had to boil their tap water yesterday following a water main break.

The Village of Glen Carbon, Illinois is in the beginning stages of funding a replacement to a sewer line that leads to the neighboring wastewater treatment plant. The $150,000 in village funding is part of a $450,000 matching grant the Army Corps of Engineers is contributing to the project through the Water Resources Development Act.

Sewer Rate News
Aurora, Ohio
Lehigh Acres, Florida
Whittington, Illinois


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