August 1, 2008

Friday Headlines: Fmr. Director Admits He Failed to Report Sewage Spill

Posted in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, National, Ohio, Virginia at 1:12 pm by bengann

In Missouri, a spill that poured thousands of gallons of raw sewage into Lake of the Ozarks was not reported by the man in charge of doing so. The former Public Works Director for the city of Lake Ozark has admitted to failing to report a sewage spill of 10,000-15,000 gallons to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Two water main breaks blocked roads on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio this morning. The breaks were caused by aging pipes.

Arlington, Virginia residents are being told to avoid water near a bicycle trail after sewage spilled into an adjacent stream.

The New York Times picks up on the “Today Show” story from earlier in the week. Perhaps the most relevant point mentioned in the article, storm water is the largest cause of beach closures and advisories in the United States.

Smoke testing of Peru, Illinois’ sanitary sewer system has showed significant breaks, enough to begin accounting for high water flows in sewage pipes instead of storm water pipes after heavy rains.

Sewer Rate News
Globe, Arizona
Newberry, Florida


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