August 6, 2008

Wednesday Headlines: Lanes Closed on Dan Ryan Exp. Following Sewer Backup

Posted in Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington at 11:42 am by bengann

In Chicago, a backed up sewer caused flooding and the closure of lanes on the Dan Ryan Expressway, prompting some motorists to seek refuge by standing on top of their vehicles. The incident occurred around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning and caused state police to close all southbound lanes, and one northbound lane of the Ryan. (picture courtesy of WLS-TV)

The city of Peoria, Illinois will host open houses today and Thursday to explain options to reduce sewer overflow. Depending on which plan is followed, it could cost the city as much as $262 million.

Here is a follow-up to a story from last week. In Columbia, South Carolina, tests were made public yesterday that showed contamination from last week’s sewage spill into the lower Saluda River initially was up to 230 times the limit considered safe.

A water main break this morning in Hoboken, New Jersey caused a street to collapse leaving a twelve-foot wide crater in the middle of a road. Click on the link to see pictures of the damage.

Sewer Rate News
Alpha, Illinois
Fayetteville, Georgia
Norristown, Pennsylvania
Sequim, Washington


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