August 13, 2008

Wednesday Headlines: Sewage Spill Closes Shoreline in Long Beach

Posted in Arizona, California, Texas, Vermont, Virginia at 11:35 am by bengann

A sewage spill in Long Beach, California has forced authorities to close a nearly four-mile stretch of shoreline, and the area is expected to remain closed indefinitely. Close to 20,000 gallons of sewage flowed into the Los Angeles River via Compton Creek on Tuesday afternoon, caused by a broken sewer line near Watts.

A broken water main ripped open a massive sinkhole on a residential street in Wilder, Vermont Saturday night. Neighborhood residents were without water as the highway department worked through the night to fill the hole and fix the street.

In Virginia Beach, a water main break sent thousands of gallons of gushing water high enough to knock out a transformer on a power pole on Monday. The break occurred in front of Claudette Ellis’ home damaging her roof, ceiling and carpets.

A blocked line at the wastewater treatment facility in Plainview, Texas caused 300,000 gallons of wastewater to overflow into the aeration basin at the facility. The city’s quick response as well as the facility not being in a populated area are being given credit for keeping this incident from becoming a public health hazard.

Sewer Rate News
Amherst, Virginia
Marana, Arizona
Fillmore, California

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