August 18, 2008

Monday Headlines: Gov, New Group Tackle New York’s Water Infrastructure

Posted in California, Connecticut, Indiana, Kansas, New York, South Carolina, Texas at 12:38 pm by bengann

New York Governor David Patterson has announced the the formation of an environmental and government collaborative to help tackle a looming water infrastructure crisis facing New York State. The new initiative is focused on pressuring the federal government to help fix the water and sewer systems it helped build decades ago.

The small community in Woodloch, Texas is facing the unenviable task of repairing its crumbling infrastructure without raising tax or water rates. Faced with cracking water mains, pipes made of asbestos concrete and a rusting storage tank, the town is in no position to lower rates, officials say.

A water main break in Boiling Springs, South Carolina shut down large portions of a road and flooded a nearby church last night.

In Lafayette, Indiana, Riehle Plaza will be closed for about two months beginning today as contractors prepare for construction of an underground combined sewer overflow system.

Sewer Rate News
Arlington, Texas
Lawrence, Kansas
Mill Valley, California
Vernon, Connecticut

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