August 21, 2008

Thursday Headlines: Fort Wayne to Address Sewer Overflows

Posted in Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Washington at 1:06 pm by bengann

Fort Wayne, Indiana will make two more fixes at sites where sewage flows into the rivers during periods of heavy rains as it continues to resolve past violations of the federal Clean Water Act. The cost of the two projects is estimated to be $97,000.

In Silverdale, Washington a big sewage spill has the Kitsap County Health District warning people not to go near the northern half of Dyes Inlet through Saturday. On Monday, a sewer main ruptured under a road spilling 20,000 gallons of raw sewage into Strawberry Creek. It then flowed directly into Dyes Inlet.

A recent water main break in Owosso, Michigan has put the spotlight on the age of its water infrastructure and the cost to replace it. Owosso Utilities Director estimates the cost of replacing the problematic mains in the city to be $350,000 per year. To date, out of an approximate 90 miles of pipe running under the city only 2 percent has been replaced.

Residents and businesses in Strasburg, Pennsylvania must boil their water until further notice, thanks to a water main break Wednesday night. The break occurred in a section of the system installed in 1957. Borough officials were concerned that the break had occurred in an older section that dates back 110 years.

Water customers in Holden, Massachusetts should brace themselves for another rate increase – the third in three years – to pay for repairs and maintenance projects that have been put off for years.

Sewer Rate News
Plattsmouth, Nebraska

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