August 12, 2008

Tuesday Headlines: Year-Long Water Main Break Irks Flint, Mich. Residents

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In Michigan, a year-long water main break has angered residents on Flint’s north side. The water main has been leaking for more than a year forcing cars to dodge barriers. The city is working on a plan to repair it but will cost at least $60,000.

Residents in Lynchburg, Virginia will have to adjust to traffic delays the next few weeks because of a massive citywide combined sewer overflow project.

A water main break early this morning in Chester County, Pennsylvania gave motorists on Route 202 a major headache during this morning’s rush hour.

Several Billings, Montana streets filled with water Monday morning after a water main burst downtown. The broken water main was 70 years old and had signs of corrosion.

In Kermit, Texas, a new state mandated $4.5 Million water treatment plant is doubling the monthly water bill but the city says the plant is unnecessary.

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August 11, 2008

Monday Headlines: Heavy Rains Cause Sewer Backup in Albany

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Heavy rain in Albany, New York flooded homes and streets with a combination of storm water and sewage on Thursday. Albany, like many older cities, suffers from sewer overflows due to the age of its infrastructure. Here’s a direct quote from the story:

Albany, like many older cities, has a sewer system — dating, in some places, to the Civil War — that combines storm water and sewage, hurtling it beneath the city to a treatment plant and the Hudson River.

In today’s Buffalo News, environmental consultant Daniel Bentivogli pens an op-ed on the need for increased investment in water infrastructure.  In March, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation released a report citing $36.2 billion of water infrastructure investment is needed over the next 20 years.

In California, a blocked sewer pipe in Sausalito sent sewage spilling into San Francisco Bay on Sunday, the third major spill this year. The spill was caused by a blockage in a pipe at a pump station. In January, two spills dumped 5 million gallons of sewage into Richardson Bay. The winter spills were the result of strong rainstorms overcoming the sewer system.

The construction of a desalination plant and water treatment center in Swansea, Massachusetts is months ahead of schedule, and those residents who have long complained about colored drinking water may see relief as early as January.

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August 8, 2008

Friday Headlines: Water Main Break Affects Traffic in Wheeling, W.V.

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The break of a 20-inch water main in Wheeling, West Virginia will disrupt traffic for this weekend’s Heritage Music BluesFest. City employees said it’s too early to determine when the break will be fixed.

A couple is asking the town of Ashland, Massachusetts to pay to prevent sewage from backing up into their home after “big, brown, solid sludge” bubbled up a sink drain and all over their basement floor.

A water main break in Bowling Green, Kentucky reduced traffic on U.S. 31W from four lanes to two.

In Massachusetts, recent heavy rains and an aging drainage pipe created a sinkhole in front of a West Boylston home. The drainage pipe eroded into a semicircle 14 feet beneath the home. It is estimated that it will cost $60,000 to replace the pipe and repair the yard, which is the obligation of the town.  

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August 7, 2008

Thursday Headlines: Water Main Break Floods a Staten Island Development

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In Staten Island, a massive water main break last night flooded streets and caused thousands of dollars in damage, leaving homeowners trying to pick up the pieces. Garages were awash with water and living spaces destroyed after a 12-inch pipe ruptured and sent torrents of water coursing into Aspen Knolls Estates development for more than three hours.

Plans for Elkins, West Virginia’s $26 million water treatment plant and distribution system upgrade are on hold until funding is secured. The money will most likely come from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Utility Service.

Two schools in Tonopah, Arizona were closed a day after classes started because of a water main break.

Nearly half of Furman University’s Campus is without water after the rupture of a 30-inch water line.

In Massachusetts, residents in the towns of Hingham, Hull, and Cohasset have joined forces and hired a consultant to help them fight a pending 21 percent water rate increase.

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August 6, 2008

Wednesday Headlines: Lanes Closed on Dan Ryan Exp. Following Sewer Backup

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In Chicago, a backed up sewer caused flooding and the closure of lanes on the Dan Ryan Expressway, prompting some motorists to seek refuge by standing on top of their vehicles. The incident occurred around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning and caused state police to close all southbound lanes, and one northbound lane of the Ryan. (picture courtesy of WLS-TV)

The city of Peoria, Illinois will host open houses today and Thursday to explain options to reduce sewer overflow. Depending on which plan is followed, it could cost the city as much as $262 million.

Here is a follow-up to a story from last week. In Columbia, South Carolina, tests were made public yesterday that showed contamination from last week’s sewage spill into the lower Saluda River initially was up to 230 times the limit considered safe.

A water main break this morning in Hoboken, New Jersey caused a street to collapse leaving a twelve-foot wide crater in the middle of a road. Click on the link to see pictures of the damage.

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August 5, 2008

Tuesday Headlines: 140,000 Gallons of Raw Sewage Spills Into Michigan Lake

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The water in Lake Bella Vista is murky after an estimated 140,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled into the private lake. The spill in Cannon Township, Michigan was caused by a break in a pipe that carries sewage from northern Kent County to the Grand Rapids Wastewater Treatment Plant.

More than 150,000 gallons of treated sewage flowed into Scottsdale, Arizona desert last week after a filter became clogged at a water treatment plant. The affected portion of the water plant treats about 20 million gallons of water a day.

In Los Angeles, Department of Water and Power crews worked well into the night to fix an 8-inch water main that broke next to an apartment building near downtown on Monday.

A water main break Monday morning in Conway, Pennsylvania has the borough under a boil notice.

Two water main breaks in Salt Lake City have left utility workers with a lot of work to do.

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August 4, 2008

Monday Headlines: Beach Closure on Siesta Key

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On Saturday, red warning flags and signs were posted that said Gulf water off Siesta Public Beach in Sarasota, Florida was unsafe for swimming due to high levels of bacteria, more than double the acceptable level for safe swimming. The spike in bacteria levels is being attributed to recent rains that brought polluted storm water to the coast.

Much of the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin had no water overnight because of a water main break.

Forsyth, Georgia officials have the water system up and running again following a water main break, but residents are encouraged to continue boiling water before consuming it.

In Texas, the Austin Water Utility has completed repairs to a 20 inch water main that broke Friday evening. Approximately 12 feet of pipe was removed and replaced. To compound the issue there were several additional utilities that crews had to work around to make the repairs, such as gas lines.

The Philadelphia Eagles had their 2 and 1/2 hour practice cancelled Saturday morning after a water main break near the practice fields.

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August 1, 2008

Friday Headlines: Fmr. Director Admits He Failed to Report Sewage Spill

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In Missouri, a spill that poured thousands of gallons of raw sewage into Lake of the Ozarks was not reported by the man in charge of doing so. The former Public Works Director for the city of Lake Ozark has admitted to failing to report a sewage spill of 10,000-15,000 gallons to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Two water main breaks blocked roads on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio this morning. The breaks were caused by aging pipes.

Arlington, Virginia residents are being told to avoid water near a bicycle trail after sewage spilled into an adjacent stream.

The New York Times picks up on the “Today Show” story from earlier in the week. Perhaps the most relevant point mentioned in the article, storm water is the largest cause of beach closures and advisories in the United States.

Smoke testing of Peru, Illinois’ sanitary sewer system has showed significant breaks, enough to begin accounting for high water flows in sewage pipes instead of storm water pipes after heavy rains.

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