September 2, 2008

Tuesday Headlines: Water Main Break Floods Buildings at SUNY-Binghamton

Posted in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas at 12:09 pm by bengann

The water main break responsible for flooding Science Buildings II and IV at SUNYBinghamton, and temporarily cutting off water supply for students on campus Sunday night, was due to an old pipe, according to a university official.

Violations associated with recent bypasses of the Broken Arrow, Oklohoma sanitary sewer system will cost the city $142,000 in penalties. The state’s consent order requires the city to upgrade its publicly owned treatment works to eliminate unpermitted discharges from the wastewater collection system.

In Oak Harbor, Ohio, the installation of the village’s new sewer system will mean months of traffic headaches. The combined storm overflow elimination project was mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency and it will cost about $3 million.

Traffic was backed up along Interstate 8 Tuesday morning after a water main break in Lakeside, California ruptured, causing significant flooding and a 12 foot sinkhole.

The John Ball Park Zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan was closed all day yesterday after a six-inch water main burst Sunday night, leaving walkways flooded and the zoo without water.

Sewer Rate News
Carpentersville, Illinois
Mary Esther, Florida
Prescott Valley, Arizona
Rusk, Texas


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