September 22, 2008

Monday Headlines: Water Main Break Causes City to Almost Run Out of Water

Posted in California, Connecticut, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin at 11:39 am by bengann

Officials in Maple Plain, Minnesota were relieved last week after several hours of searching finally turned up a broken water line that had threatened to empty the city’s water tower. A ruptured 8-inch, dead-ended main situated behind an industrial park building was located and closed off from the rest of the water system with roughly a half-hour supply remaining at the city’s disposal.

A $2.6 million project is underway in Hillsboro, Oregon to replace old sanitary sewer lines and add a separate storm water drainage system. The combination of the two will help keep stormwater out of the sewer lines during heavy rainfall.

Residents in a portion of Kirksville, Missouri were under a 48-hour boil order this weekend after a water main break on Friday.

The Butler Township Board of Supervisors has tentatively approved an upgrade of the storm water drainage system in Lavelle, Pennsylvania. A couple of months ago new water lines were put in and the township felt that it would also be a good time to update the storm water infrastructure.

State Route 10 in Cheshire, Connecticut should be opened in both directions this afternoon after a broken water main is fixed and the road patched up. A 12-inch water main underneath Route 10 broke Sunday night, sending water gushing and leaving a sinkhole in the road. Route 10 was shut down overnight but one lane was opened this morning.

Sewer Rate News
Eugene and Springfield, Oregon
Macedon, New York
Manteca, California
Sturtevant, Wisconsin


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