September 29, 2008

Monday Headlines: Vermont Town Looks to Improve Aging Water System

Posted in California, Florida, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont at 12:04 pm by bengann

In November, residents in Ludlow, Vermont will be asked to approve a $3.5 million bond to improve the town’s aging water system that would raise their annual water bills by 57 percent. The bond would be financed through a 40-year loan from USDA Rural Development at 2.7 percent with an annual payment $142,700.

City crews are still working on a water main break that dried up service to homes and businesses yesterday in Mountain View, California. The age of the pipe–which is 75 years old– is believed to be the cause of the break. (picture courtesy of KFMB)

Officials in Cincinnati had a watery mess to clean up Sunday night. Public works crews had to turn the water off in the area and shut down a major thoroughfare for several hours.

An interesection in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania is expected to remain closed until this afternoon while crews make repairs to a water line break that was discovered early today.

A water main break in El Paso, Texas Friday night flooded a gas station and convenience store. The water continued to stream onto the property for more than two hours before water crews showed up to turn it off.

Sewer Rate News
Kirkwood, New York
Tarpon Springs, Florida

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