November 5, 2008

Wednesday Headlines: Ballot Initiatives for Water Infrastructure Pass in 3 States

Posted in Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania at 12:55 pm by bengann

Measures were on the ballot in three states yesterday to increase investments in water and wastewater infrastructure.

In the Keystone state, Pennsylvanians voted overwhelmingly to adopt the only statewide measure on the ballot yesterday, allowing state leaders to borrow $400 million for water and sewer improvements. An estimated 2,200 drinking water systems and 1,060 wastewater systems in the state must spend an estimated $20 billion to meet federal and state clean water standards.

In the third referendum question on Maine’s ballot Tuesday, voters authorized a $3.4 million bond issue for drinking water programs and construction of wastewater treatment facilities.

And in Arkansas, voters approved a measure that will allow up to $300 million in bonds to be issued for water projects around the state.

A plant in Onslow County, North Carolina is facing a major sewage spill. For approximately four to six months the pumps at a wastewater treatment plant have been dead, spilling seven million gallons of untreated waste into nearby drainage ditches.

A major road in Rockford, Illinois will reopen completely tonight after a water main break on Friday sent water flowing into the road causing damage to the pavement.

In Glenville, New York, a water main break at the school district administrative building sent water gushing through the front doors on Tuesday. It could be up to three weeks before school officials and their tenants will be able to return to offices and classrooms in the building.

And in a local ballot measure, voters in Columbia, Missouri approved Proposition 1 authorizing the city to issue $38.9 million in bonds to finance future water projects. The bonds will be financed by increases in utility rates, with annual increases of 1.5 percent in the first two years and 5 percent in the remaining four. Rates would increase a total of 23 percent by the end of the project.

Sewer Rate News
Adair, Oklahoma
Saint Pete Beach, Florida


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