November 7, 2008

Friday Headlines: NYC Agrees to Bring Treatment Plants into Compliance

Posted in Arizona, Florida, Maine, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania at 12:51 pm by bengann

New York City has reached an agreement with the state of New York to bring its 14 wastewater treatment plants into compliance with environmental laws. The price tag to bring all the plants into compliance is expected to be in the billions. Steven W. Lawitts, the acting commissioner of the city’s Department of Environmental Protection commented on the situation stating:

The many components of this agreement highlight the challenges that cities around the country face in building costly and complex, but critically important, infrastructure

Students and faculty at Carnegie Mellon University were inconvenienced after a 6-inch water main on campus broke Thursday afternoon.

An equipment failure at a Long Island sewage treatment plant caused approximately 51,000 gallons to spill into a bay where shellfish beds were recently reopened.

About 90 homes in Baltimore County, Maryland were without water yesterday after a break in  a 10-inch water main.

A main pipeline near Palatka, Florida’s water plant broke Wednesday night, leaving the city without water for several hours and a boil-order through at least today. “An aging infrastructure can cause these types of mishaps,” said City Manager Woody Boynton.

Sewer Rate News
Bath, Maine
Phoenix, Arizona


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