November 18, 2008

Tuesday Headlines: Kansas City Moves Forward on Sewer Overflow Plan

Posted in California, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington at 12:14 pm by bengann

After months of delays, Kansas City’s largest publicly financed project, an effort to improve its sewer system, moves forward this week. Yesterday city officials announced the latest version of a $2.4 billion plan to reduce sewer overflows into local streams during heavy rains–improvements that are required by the federal government.

It’s called the Big Pipe project, and when it is completed in 2011 it is expected to reduce Portland, Oregon’s sewer overflows to three or four a year instead of every time it rains.  The 20-year project will cost $1.4 billion and has been financed with sewer rate increases in recent years. It is the biggest construction project in the city’s history.

 A water main break in Kalamazoo, Michigan has closed two schools for the day.

The University of Maryland experienced its second water main break in as many days after a 16-inch main broke near a campus parking lot. Age is believed to be the biggest factor in causing the break.

Basements of about approximately a half-dozen homes in Bellevue, Washington were flooded when a water main broke Monday morning.

Sewer Rate News
Ontario, California
Sandy Township, Pennsylvania
Waterford, Connecticut


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