November 20, 2008

Thursday Headlines: Editorial Addresses Infrastructure in Economic Stimulus

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An editorial in today’s Arizona Daily Star addresses the need for an economic stimulus package that includes investment in infrastructure. Although the editorial focuses on the need to put people back to work by addressing the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, it does specifically address the dire state of America’s wastewater systems.

Consider, for instance, the nationwide problem of sewage overflows. Many older cities have combined sewer-stormwater systems that overflow during big storms, dumping untreated waste into rivers and drinking-water reservoirs.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, at least $202 billion is needed to prevent sewer overflows at some 16,000 wastewater treatment plants across the country. While Congress can’t invest that kind of money immediately, it could make a down payment on a health threat that grows bigger every year.

In suburban Pittsburgh, facing a consent order from the state Department of Environmental Protection, the Pleasant Hills Sewer Authority, has requested more time from federal and local officials to prepare a strategy to stop infiltration problems that pollute local streams. The effort is expected to cost $15 million.

This morning a trash truck in Ogletown, Delaware drove near a 12-inch water main break and became stuck in a sinkhole after the broken pipe caused the ground above it to give way.

Police in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania expected 21st Street to be reopened to traffic this morning once crews complete repairs to a water main break that shut down the busy roadway.

A ruptured sanitary sewer line in Clifton, New Jersey last week caused an overflow of raw sewage. The latest damage is hastening plans to replace the pipeline that is notorious for its leaky past. 

Sewer Rate News
Carlsbad, California
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Evanston, Illinois
Lockport. New York


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