December 2, 2008

Tuesday Headlines: Water Main Break Causes Power Outage in Flint, Michigan

Posted in Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania at 12:01 pm by bengann

More than 1,500 customers in Genesee County, Michigan were still without power Monday afternoon after  water main break in downtown Flint. The water main break also shut down a road and closed some businesses. Cold weather is being blamed for the break.

In Kentucky, Jeffersonville Mayor Tom Galligan took control of the city’s sewer system yesterday, dismissing the private contractor that had been running it since 1994. Approximately 10 more workers will be added to improve cleaning and maintenance of sewer lines and boost the system’s performance.

The Valdosta, Georgia area suffered two wastewater spills over the weekend resulting from heavy rainfall. Approximately 6.5 million gallons of untreated wastewater was released in the first incident, and a discharge of approximately 135,000 gallons of raw sewage was released in the second incident.

Because of a sewage spill, people are being encouraged to temporarily stay away from a ravine in Thousand Oaks, California. A root blockage in a sewer line led to the release of about 2,100 gallons of sewage from a manhole cover.

Tucson Water workers expect to fix a University of Arizona area water main break some time Tuesday. The break in in the 8-inch water main has disrupted traffic but should be repaired today.

Sewer Rate News
Birdsboro, Pennsylvania
Northport, Alabama
Westminster, Maryland


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