December 4, 2008

Thursday Headlines: Apt. Complex Evacuated After Water Main Break

Posted in California, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania at 12:12 pm by bengann

How would you like to start your morning this way? Tuesday, an apartment complex in Lindenwold, New Jersey was evacuated in the early morning due to a water main break that also caused a sinkhole. Mud and sewage spilled into first floor apartments because of the break, and residents may have to wait a month before being allowed to return to the building.

Massive sewer and water system improvements are needed for Elyria, Ohio and have city officials warning residents that the upgrades are going to force them to increase sewer rates. The rate hike will be used to pay for two 20-year projects that combined total almost $270 million. The two projects entail replacing sewer lines, upgrading the wastewater treatment facility and fixing substandard waterlines.

A water main broke on state Route 100 in Pittsfield, Maine early this morning forced a detour in the downtown area and a boil-water order from the town government.

A broken water main and freezing temperatures Wednesday evening led to at least three accidents and more than a half-dozen vehicles being damaged in Topeka, Kansas. As temperatures dropped after sunset, a sheet of ice nearly a quarter-mile long covered streets and sidewalks in the area.

Students in Pilot Grove, Missouri were dismissed early from school on Tuesday after the town’s water was shut off to work on a broken water main. The Mayor of Pilot Grove said the water main broke Monday, but that there wasn’t enough time to work on it until Tuesday.

Sewer Rate News
Emmaus, Pennsylvania
Gilroy, California


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