December 10, 2008

Wednesday Headlines: Water Main Break in Boston Disrupts Traffic

Posted in Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, National, North Carolina, Pennsylvania at 12:56 pm by bengann

Part of a major artery in Boston remained closed this morning as crews worked to repair a 24-inch pipe that ruptured near City Hall and spilled tens of thousands of gallons of water.  

680 middle school students in Anchorage, Alaska were sent home Tuesday morning because of a sewage backup caused by a blockage in underground pipes.

In Pennsylvania, Allentown workers are repairing a broken water main in the city’s west end. Public works officials speculated the freeze-and-thaw cycle this time of the year could be a factor. The break interrupted service to 15 properties.

Public Utilities crews in Raleigh, North Carolina spent most of Tuesday fixing a water main broke due to the cold weather. Crews repair an average of two leaks a day, according to city officials, and many of those repairs occur as pipes age.

An op-ed appearing in the Washington Post on Monday argues that Conservatives can and should support increased investment for infrastructure–including water and wastwater infrasturcture–on the grounds of future economic growth and globabl competitiveness.

Sewer Rate News
Clarkston, Idaho
Spring Hope, North Carolina
Traverse City, Michigan

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