December 12, 2008

Friday Headlines: After Spending $6 Million Town Still Out of Compliance

Posted in California, Massachusetts, Ohio, Vermont at 11:55 am by bengann

Springfield, Vermont is being fined $25,000 by the state for failing to completely separate its stormwater drainage system from its sewage system despite more than $6 million spent by the town in recent years to fix the problem.

Years of deferred maintenance on its wastewater infrastructure has left Framingham, Massachusetts with a costly predicament: fix the infrastructure or face state fines. During the period between 2004 and spring 2007, sewage overflowed more than 50 times in the town.

In California, the Santa Margarita Water District was fined $133,190 Wednesday for two sewage line breaks that occurred in 2007 and spilled more than 800,000 gallons of raw sewage.

With state and federal mandates requiring Wapakoneta, Ohio to eliminate raw sewage entering natural waterways, an engineering firm presented the city six different proposals to fix the problem with estimates ranging from $20.7 million to $32.7 million.

Officials in Cathedral City, California  are looking into obtaining a $40 million loan from the California Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund to help with the city’s water infrastructure.

Sewer Rate News
North Royalton, Ohio
Sunbury, Ohio

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