December 18, 2008

Thursday Headlines: Broken Water Main in Cleveland, Ohio Installed in 1897

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We’re now in day 2 of the massive water main break affecting water service in Cleveland, Ohio. Today The Plain Dealer pens a story detailing the city’s crumbling water and wastewater infrastructure. The break in the 42-inch main was  put into the ground in 1897. Read the whole article but here are the first two paragraphs from The Plain Dealer story.

The perils of an aging water system struck Cleveland twice Wednesday, first when a 42-inch water main burst in the morning, cutting off water to much of the city, and again in the afternoon, when a drop in pressure temporarily left firefighters without water to fight a blaze in a downtown office tower.

The incidents underscored the sorry state of Cleveland’s deteriorating infrastructure. Massive water-main breaks are at least an annual event for a system largely built at the end of the 1800s.

A partial blockage in a sanitary sewer line caused a small sanitary sewer overflow in Duluth, Minnesota on Wednesday night.  

A residential street in Oxnard, California was closed this morning after it was flooded by a broken water main. The flooding damaged roads in the area and repair efforts left people for blocks around without water this morning.

Repairs to a water main that broke overnight in downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina were complete by early Wednesday afternoon, but the affected roads were still under repair.

A water main break forced school officials in Hartford, Connecticut to close an elementary school this morning. Work crews were called to the school to fix the break, which was 16 feet underground. Crews said a 40-ton excavator was brought in to fix the problem because the regular 10-ton machine wasn’t big enough to fix the break. Bringing in the larger excavator required a special permit.

Sewer Rate News
Dodge City, Kansas
Lisbon, Ohio

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