December 19, 2008

Friday Headlines: Condos in Kansas City Flooded After Water Main Break

Posted in Illinois, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Wisconsin at 2:04 pm by bengann

A water main break sent rushing water into some condominiums in Kansas City on Thursday. Residents spent most of the morning bailing water out of their homes.

A water main break shut down an Anderson, South Carolina street and kept work crews busy Wednesday night and into Thursday morning to restore service and to clean up.

The city of Decatur, Illinois will use a portion of the $10 million in newly approved city bonds to take another step toward bringing the city’s water supply up to the recommended level.

Trustees of the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District recently approved a contract for the rebuilding of more than a mile of sanitary sewers. The new sewers would allow the district to eliminate two illegal sewer bypasses which dump raw sewage in streams or on the ground in heavy storms.

Two large sink holes caused by the collapse of storm water pipes in the in Deerfield Township, Ohio have caused a big problem. The local storm water board has agreed to pay half the storm water pipe repair costs, which have been estimated at close to $400,000, and the plan is to assess about 600 area residents approximately $333 total to fix the entire system.

Sewer Rate News
Burlington Township, Pennsylvania
Coon Valley, Wisconsin
Lockport, New York

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