January 12, 2009

Monday Headlines: Op-Ed Favors Stimulus, Infrastructure Investment

Posted in California, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, National, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington at 2:43 pm by bengann

An op-ed in yesterday’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette describes what a $1 trillion economic stimulus package could do to revitalize Pittsburgh and some of the nation’s older cities. While the piece addresses overall infrastructure investment, there is this passage from the op-ed.

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure: Older communities have been left with the legacy costs of an antiquated water system. The cost to repair it exceeds the tax base. Funds should be made available to bring systems with combined sewer overflow violations into compliance and promote source water protection and availability. No one wants to live or work in a region with dirty air or dirty water.

Cash-strapped areas around Lynchburg, Virginia are lining up hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure projects in anticipation of a federal economic stimulus package. The projects include $20 million for replacement of the James River interceptor. The story includes a database of ready-to-go projects (including water and sewer) in the Lynchburg area.

In Bellingham, Washington, a wastewater treatment system overtaxed by the region’s massive flooding has led to an undetermined amount of sewage being discharged into Bellingham Bay.

Crews from the Louisville, Kentucky Metropolitan Sewer District are looking for the cause of sewer line break that resulted in a spill of 2,000 gallons of raw sewage last night near a pumping station.

A section of a Grand Rapids, Michigan street was closed last night after an underground water line broke, causing the street to collapse as a car drove over it. The car ended up nose-first in an sinkhole, with the trunk protruding out of the water.

Sewer Rate News
Glendale, California
Mishawaka, Indiana
Pasadena, California
Turlock, California


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