January 21, 2009

Wednesday Headlines: Water Main Break Floods Shopping Mall

Posted in Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas at 1:21 pm by bengann

A broken water main is to blame for flooding the Norwichtown Mall in Norwich, Connecticut on Monday. The entire mall was filled with about six to eight inches of water before the utility company finally turned the water off. The mall remains temporarily closed.

Officials in Alexandria, Indiana are considering two options for controlling its combined sewer overflow. Both options would cost approximately $11 million to execute, all Indiana communities are required to develop long-term control plans to limit the amount of overflow into the water by 2015.

Failing pumps at the Airport Wastewater Treatment Plant in Galveston, Texas caused sewage to overflow into ditches near Lake Madeline last week. Although crews were able to contain 300,000 gallons of the 800,000 gallon spill, most of the sewage ended up in the lake.

The city of Cape Coral, Florida wants $1.1 million to repair a major pipe to make sure a large sewer overflow event does not happen. City officials have seen evidence of corrosion on the 42-inch wide, 4,500-foot-long pipe leading into the sewage treatment plant, and if the pipe were to break, the city would have to shut off sewage service to thousands of customers until it was fixed.

A law office in Lansing, Michigan is drying out after a water main break Monday night left the lower level of the office flooded with two feet of water that soaked up offices and paperwork. Employees will be out of the building for about a week.

Sewer Rate News
Chapel Hill, Tennessee
El Dorado, Arkansas
Folkston, Georgia
Redlands, California

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