January 22, 2009

Thursday Headlines: Water Main Break Disrupts Commuter Rail Service

Posted in Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York at 12:55 pm by bengann

Crews worked overnight to repair a water main break that disrupted Metra commuter rail service in Elgin, Illinois.  The rupture located under one of the tracks happened during the busy evening rush hour. Metra had to bring in shuttle buses to get commuters to their final stop.

The town of Milford, Massachusetts has submitted to federal officials a $1.2 million “shovel-ready” project to patch and repair its system of cracked sewer pipes as part of economic recovery legislation.  While hoping for federal dollars, commissioners are starting system repairs to comply with a consent order from the EPA to stop sewer overflows caused by wet weather events.

The Mayor of Marion, Indiana has told residents that proposed sewer projects could cost millions of dollars more than the proposed $62.7 million and may be as much as $100 million.  Under a federal mandate the city must repair and replace its water and sewer infrastructure to reduce sewer overflows.  

A large water main break at an intersection in Clifton Park, New York has interrupted water service to most of the town’s water customers. The city has issued a boil water advisory for the entire town.

A water main break between the southbound lanes of Interstate 95 in Aberdeen, Maryland and a popular restaurant and rest stop reduced traffic to a single lane along I-95 and backed traffic up for five miles.

Sewer Rate News
Cape May, New Jersey
Daleville, Indiana
Olean, New York
Randolph, Massachusetts

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