February 9, 2009

Monday Headlines: Ohio’s Wants $280 Million for Water and Sewer Projects

Posted in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Virginia at 12:10 pm by bengann

Mayors of more than two dozen Ohio cities say they can put nearly 100,000 people to work in the next two years but the total cost of the wish lists far outstrips the money likely to be available for job-creating, economy-stimulating projects. the mayors list of 847 projects with a $4.2 billion price tag includes $282.9 million for water and sewer projects.

A break of a 30-inch water main yesterday in downtown Baltimore is still affecting area businesses. The State Highway Administration office had about 2 feet of water in the sub-basement and forced 1,100 employees to stay home from work today.

High school students in Grapevine, Texas have an unexpected day off after a water main break caused major flooding in the library, the lecture hall, two gymnasiums and the band and choir rooms.  

Nearly one million gallons of water flooded neighborhood streets and the basements of nearby houses in Chicopee, Massachusetts after a break in a 20-inch water main on Sunday.

Work crews were digging in the mud Sunday trying to find the point where a water main ruptured in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Shifting terrain from the sudden change in temperature likely caused the rupture.

Sewer Rate News
Belmont, California
Douglas County, Nevada
Spring Lake, Michigan
Woodstock, Virginia


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