February 18, 2009

Wednesday Headlines: Communities Ask for Stimulus Funds for Water Projects

Posted in Arizona, California, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee at 6:54 pm by bengann

In Maryland, a state official has urged Somerset County Commissioners to use their influence to convince the county’s Sanitary Commission to apply for federal economic stimulus funds before a February 28 deadline.

A water main break on Penn State’s University Park campus broke Wednesday morning, causing several buildings to lose water service.

Framingham, Massachusetts officials have given the state a list of more than 65 projects that will supposedly be “shovel-ready” within 180 days of approval, including  a $43 million request for the construction of a water treatment plant.

In California, a southern Marin County sanitation district under federal orders to replace aging infrastructure will have spilled 300,000 gallons of bacteria-laden sewage into San Francisco Bay by noon today after a rupture in a sewage treatment plant pipeline.

Harnett County, North Carolina officials will apply for federal stimulus grant money for water and wastewater projects in the county. Among the projects submitted include expansion of a water treatment plant to meet regional service requirements to Fort Bragg.

Sewer Rate News
Jefferson, Ohio
Nashville, Tennessee
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Tuscon, Arizona

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