February 23, 2009

Monday Headlines: Outdated Infrastructure Causing Sewer Rates to Rise

Posted in Alabama, Massachusetts, Michigan, National, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia at 5:44 pm by bengann

The Associated Press ran a story this weekend on how sewer rates in Ohio and across the United States are climbing to help cover multimillion-dollar renovations of outdated infrastructure.  Below is a quote from the story that accurately captures the sentiment in communities across the country.

“The feds aren’t helping,” said Rick Tilton, spokesman for the sewer district that serves Columbus. “It’s all on the rate payers.”

Columbus residents have seen double-digit rate increases in the past few years. Cincinnati has raised its rates by 12 percent and anticipates the same increase next year.

James City County, Virginia has requested funds from the recently passed economic stimulus package to fund three shovel-ready water projects totaling $18.4 million.

Ironton, Ohio will pursue private funding for the design of the first phase of the city’s combined sewer overflow project. The storm sewer separation is required under a consent order issued last month by the EPA.

In Alabama, health officials are cautioning against swimming in or eating seafood from Mobile Bay after a sewage overflow Saturday morning.

A water main break in North Salt Lake, Utah caused a huge sinkhole on a residential street Monday. The break crated a sinkhole more than 6 feet deep and 20 feet wide.

Sewer Rate News
Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania
Lynn, Massachusetts
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
Saginaw, Michigan

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