March 10, 2009

Tuesday Headlines: House to Consider SRF Bill This Week

Posted in Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, National, North Carolina, Ohio, Wyoming at 5:47 pm by bengann

The House of Representatives is expected to consider a bill this week that among other things would authorize $13.8 billion for the EPA’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF). In addition, the Water Quality Investment Act (H.R. 1262) would provide more than $3 billion for water pollution and sewage control and other EPA water projects, and require sewage treatment plants to set up alert systems to notify the public within 24 hours of sewer overflows.

Some House Republicans have opposed the bill because of language that would require contractors to pay union-scale wages for work financed by the SRF. An amendment stripping the requirement, known as the Davis-Bacon Act,  is expected to be part of the floor debate in the House.  An amendment to strip Davis-Bacon requirements from a SRF authorization bill two years ago was rejected, 140-280, with 50 Republicans voting against it.

In Swampscott, Massachusetts an early morning water main break forced the evacuation of nearby residents causing traffic to be diverted during the early morning commute.

The recently passed economic stimulus bill could invest approxiamtely $39 million into water and sewer projects in the state of Wyoming this year.

The City Council in Thomasville, North Carolina will consider resolutions next week to approve applications for more than $4.3 million in stimulus funding to replace and repair old water lines throughout the city.

Pomeroy, Ohio has borrowed $100,000 from a local bank to cover engineering fees on its sewer upgrade project mandated by the EPA.

Sewer Rate News
Arma, Kansas
Athens, Ohio
Avon, Ohio
Livermore Falls, Maine


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