March 16, 2009

Monday Headlines: Water Main Break Disrupts NYC Subway Service

Posted in Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Tennessee at 5:32 pm by bengann

Service to part of the New York City subway system was disrupted this afternoon when a 12-inch water-main installed in 1870 burst near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel flooding the Canal Street subway station. The water from the break caused sidewalks to buckle and closed two lanes of traffic on a nearby street.

All the beaches in Long Beach, California were closed on Saturday because of a 22,000-gallon sewage spill. The spill may have been caused by a grease plug in the line.

Some streets in Detroit were more than two feet under water on Saturday after a water main break flooded part of the city’s west side. The water entered several homes and flooded at least one basement.

A New York state legislator wants to use money from the recently passed economic stimulus legislation to safeguard the water supplies of several Saratoga County communities.

At least one public waterway in Monteagle, Tennessee was polluted on Sunday when a primary treatment basin failed at the city’s wastewater treatment plant causing almost a 100-thousand gallons of effluent went into Juanita Creek.

Sewer Rate News
Clarkdale, Arizona
Joplin, Missouri
Lake Worth, Florida


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