March 17, 2009

Tuesday Headlines: World Bank Cites Lack of Water Infrastructure Investment in Economic Stimulus

Posted in California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, National, New York, Ohio at 3:46 pm by bengann

Today at the World Water Forum in Istanbul, the director of energy, transport and water at the World Bank, said that there was not enough money for water investment in the stimulus packages of the United States and other countries fighting the economic downturn.  The United Nation estimates the total cost of replacing aging water and wastewater infrastructure in industrial countries could be as high as $200 billion per year. 

Discontent with the water service it receives from Cleveland, Ohio, the cities of North Olmsted and Westlake are thinking of buying their water from a Lorain County source. North Olmsted has requested $36 million in federal stimulus money to build the system.  

In Queens, New York, the borough’s failing sewer system may receive some much needed upgrades courtesy of the recently passed economic stimulus bill.  Queens has experienced major sewer overflow problems the last two summers.

Lanes were blocked on two roads northeast of downtown Atlanta near I-85 early this morning after a pair of water main breaks.

A major water main break in Lexington, Kentucky on Monday afternoon, caused part of a road to buckle closing both inbound and outbound lanes. The road can only be repaired after the break is fixed before traffic can be reopened.

Sewer Rate News
Burlingame, California
Macomb, Illinois
Paulding, Ohio
Richmond, Indiana


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