April 8, 2009

Wednesday Headlines: San Francisco Increasing Rates for Water, Sewer

Posted in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina at 1:22 pm by bengann

San Francisco water and sewer rates are set to increase substantially in July unless a majority of property owners object to rate increases currently being proposed by the city’s Public Utilities Commission. The proposed rate increase would fund a $4.4 million improvement plan.

The city of Newton, North Carolina is moving ahead with plans for $2 million in improvements to its water and sewer system despite uncertainty about how it will pay for the work.

Smyrna, Delaware is considering borrowing $10 million for as many as 11 projects through the state’s Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund and the USDA’s Rural Utilities Service water and environmental programs.

City directors in Fort Smith, Arkansas have set a June 9 special election asking voters to approve up to $30 million in revenue bonds and to extend two half-percent sales taxes for another 18 to continue rehabilitation of the city’s aging sewer system.

In the ongoing saga regarding Jefferson County, Alabama’s sewer debt, a federal judge has called for both sides to submit briefs in the county’s bid to block insurers from having a receiver appointed over its sewer operations.

Sewer Rate News
Catlin, Illinois
Cave Creek, Arizona
Oroville, California
Shelbyville, Indiana


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