April 13, 2009

Monday Headlines: Las Vegas Water Main Break Disrupts Service to 2,000

Posted in Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, West Virginia at 4:35 pm by bengann

Water was turned back on to homes and businesses in Las Vegas Friday night after a water main break left almost 2,000 people without water for much of the day.  

In Ohio, a Columbus Department of Public Utilities Report notes several accomplishments made last year including removal of two sanitary sewer overflow discharge locations.

A sewer-replacement project that starts today in Danville, Illinois should prevent water from backing up into residents homes during heavy rains.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has closed commercial oyster harvesting in Coos Bay following a Thursday morning sewage spill in North Bend that discharged  30,000 gallons of sewage into the bay after debris blocked a pipe causing a backup.

All residents of Ridgefield, New Jersey are being told to boil their water after an early morning main break that caused major disruptions in the community.

Sewer Rate News
Green Valley, West Virginia
Onslow, North Carolina
Westminster, Maryland


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