April 22, 2009

Wednesday Headlines: Water Main Break Floods Children’s Medical Center

Posted in Arizona, Indiana, Minnesota, Texas at 6:40 pm by bengann

Children’s Medical Center of Dallas was forced to turn away patients Wednesday morning as it dealt with water problems from a water main break that flooded the ground floor of the building.

Five communities in Northwest Indiana will see more than $3.4 million in grant money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to improve their wastewater and drinking water systems.

A partial blockage in a sewer line in Duluth, Minnesota caused a sanitary sewer overflow of 4,500 gallons on Tuesday. Residents should avoid contact with any sewer overflow due to the potential for exposure to disease-causing organisms.

An intersection in Tuscon, Arizona was closed after one of the cities four water lines broke causing a very large water outage.

The Utility Service Board in the town of Chesterton, Indiana has agreed to put a $4 million bond issue on the ballot to finance an ambitious package of wastewater infrastructure projects.

Sewer Rate News
Lake Oswego, Oregon
Memphis, Tennessee
Tulsa, Oklahoma


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