April 24, 2009

Friday Headlines: Ohio Announces Stimulus Funding for Projects

Posted in Connecticut, Iowa, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio at 4:45 pm by bengann

The Ohio EPA yesterday announced the 324 water and wastewater infrastructure projects that will be funded from $278 million in federal stimulus money. 3,300 applications were received by Ohio EPA from cities, counties and villages seeking funding to fix or replace water and wastewater infrastructure.

A budget review committee  in Nashua, New Hampshire has recomended borrowing $51.3 million for improvements to the city’s combined sewer system.

A Connecticut homeowner’s discovery on Monday of what turned out to be harmless copepods and rotifers in his water filter prompted an initial advisory to tens of thousands of customers in Hartford and nine area communities to boil their tap water before drinking it or using it for cooking.

Crews in Ottumwa, Iowa are conducting smoke tests on the sewer system to locate breaks and defects in sanitary sewer pipes.

A $486,000 sanitary sewer project in Torrington, Connecticut is still expected to be completed on time  despite currently being slightly behind schedule.

Sewer Rate News
North Ridgeville, Ohio
O’Fallon, Missouri


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