May 5, 2009

Tuesday Headlines: Alabama Considers Help for Jefferson Cty. Sewer Debt

Posted in Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia at 7:32 pm by bengann

A push is on to get state lawmakers in Alabama to consider using excess money from Jefferson County’s one-cent sales tax for schools to pay for the county’s massive sewer debt.

A ruptured sewer line pumping raw wastewater into a creek in northwest Davenport, Iowa was under repair today by public works crews. As a precaution, chlorine is being added three times rather than the usual two times during treatment. In addition, chlorine is being added at the inflow pipe.

Newton, Iowa is exploring its options to correct sewer backups occurring in a neighborhood during heavy rains. Last year, the city hired an engineering firm to update its wastewater Facility Plan Update. In its study the engineering firm indicated that the sewer system in the affected area did not have adequate capacity to handle peak flow during heavy rain storms.

A water main that sprang a leak early Monday morning along Route 42 in Dayton, Virginia has been repaired.

Stimulus Spotlight
The town of Stanley, Pennsylvania will receive $100,000 in federal economic stimulus funds to control inflow and infiltration problems with the sewer system.

Sewer Rate News
Crown Point, Indiana
Newton, Massachusetts
Washington County, Maryland


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