May 7, 2009

Thursday Headlines: Allegheny County Estimates $30 Million Each for Projects

Posted in Alabama, DC, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania at 6:40 am by bengann

The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN)  has issued draft recommendations for sewage and storm water control and treatment facilities along the Allegheny River and the Monongahela River. Both projects would cost approximately $30 million each.

A Washington, D.C. neighborhood was experiencing traffic delays after a 100-year-old twenty-inch feeder main broke sending water and mud gushing down the road soaking nearby basements.

In Alabama, the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (MAWSS) responded to a sanitary sewer overflow after approximately 2,000 gallons of wastewater overflowed as a result of a blockage caused by debris and a grease blockage. 

Stimulus Spotlight
Kentucky utility districts in Boyd County and Greenup have been preliminarily approved to receive a combined total of nearly $2 million in federal stimulus funds to complete water and sewer projects.

Sewer Rate News
Fort Wayne, Indiana
West Branch, Michigan

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