June 4, 2009

Thursday’s Water News: Massive Water Main Break in Norfolk

Posted in California, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin at 3:42 pm by Colleen Wetherill

A major thoroughfare in Norfolk, Virginia was reopened this morning after a break in a 30-inch water main flooded the nearby railroad underpass in 6 feet of water Wednesday evening.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is looking for public input on two sewer projects proposed by the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, one to serve the city’s growing northeast side and the other to shore up a deteriorating pipe.

Water quickly rushed down a road in the eastside of El Paso, Texas early this morning after a rupture in a 8-inch water main

Stimulus Spotlight
In New York, three Capital Region counties will receive $20.5 million of federal stimulus funding to build water treatment facilities or upgrade sewer systems.

Seven storm-water projects in the Kansas suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri will receive nearly $3.1 million combined from the recently passed economic stimulus legislation.

Sewer Rate News
Fontana, California
Granby, Massachusetts
Mount Vernon-Lisbon, Iowa


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