June 10, 2009

Wednesday’s Water News: Charlotte Water Main Break Causes Sinkhole, Closes Road

Posted in California, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, West Virginia at 4:44 pm by bengann

Work crews in Charlotte, North Carolina are working to fix a sinkhole after a water pipe burst on Tuesday creating the hole. The sinkhole was discovered when a driver stopped at the intersection  thought she had a flat tire only to realize her front tire was in the sinkhole. The road remains closed to traffic.

A water main break in Evansville, Indiana shut down a road on the city’s west side, causing water to gush onto the street and disrupting services to several neighboring homes.

In Saginaw, Michigan, more than 9 million gallons of partially treated sewage was discharged to the Saginaw River last week from a combined sewer overflow.

A 12-inch water main break in a Staten Island  neighborhood left 100 residents and 30 businesses without water this morning.

Stimulus Spotlight
Camden, New Jersey will receive $13.5 million from the economic stimulus package to repair its water and sewer system. The city’s public works director says Camden could use $50 million for water and sewer upgrades but there’s no money to repay traditional loans in order to complete that work.

The California water districts of Coachella Valley and Mission Springs have received word that $1.3 million will be available to them to fund drinking water projects.  

Sewer Rate News
East Dundee, Illinois
Huntington, West Virginia
Newburgh, Indiana


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